hi! we're Shab + coop. 

Or Laila and Rachel, if you prefer.

Our partnership as photographers is over 10 years in the making - we were friends in high school and spent years galavanting through Northern Virginia making mischief, discovering the things that inspired us and finding new ways to experience the world. Photography resonated with us both. Our favorite shots are the honest moments - the ones that capture an impression of a feeling or a story. Photographing and being photographed is an intimate and creative process, and one that we cherish. 


We bring the friendship we've grown and the skills we've acquired over many years to each session we photograph. We love getting to know each new client and discovering ways to capture the things that make them beautiful and unique. We can't wait to meet you and shine our light on the special moments in your life. Please feel free send us a message about our services or just to say hello!


shab | laila sanie

I'm 28 years old

I'm Afghan-American. I spent much of my childhood living in different places around the world - the U.S., Pakistan, Russia. In the late 90s I settled with my family in Northern Virginia.

I studied Art History in college.



I'm 28 years old.

I was raised Jewish and became a bat mitzvah on May 4, 2002. I have my religious upbringing to thank in large part for for my compass and the way I think.

I studied Classical Voice and Photography in college. Early choral music and French Melodie are some of the great loves of my life. If you've spent much time around me at all, you've probably heard me singing through the gregorian chant I have stuck in my head that day or snippets of an art song. If not that, I might be whistling through the Addams Family theme for the five thousandth time.

I eat and sleep - and am basically made of - dumplings. I absolutely love dumplings. Dumplings are delicious. Especially gyoza. Buy me dumplings and I'll take your pictures.